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Mass Texting Services Simplified

TextConnect mass texting service allows you to advertise, promote, announce & engage with your audience where they already are – their cellphones.

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Why Use Text Messaging?


response time


of people prefer offers via text


of texts are read within 3 minutes

Easy-to-Use Features For All Plans

MMS Messaging

Send media messages (video, GIF, image) to enhance customer interaction

Group Messaging

Send targeted, specific messages to groups within your audience

Roll Over Credits

Left over credits roll over to your next billing cycle

Mass/Bulk Text Messaging

Keep your audience updated in real time using mass text alerts

2 Way Messaging

Respond instantly to customers & enhance customer satisfaction

Automated Responses

Create a seamless customer journey with automated responses for new sign-ups
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Group texting for churches can help your ministry enhance communications & engage members on their phones.

TextConnect for business is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes. Mobile customer support increases customer satisfaction.

Schools are using texting to keep teachers, students, and parents on alert about cancellations, sign-ups for school activities & more!

Flexible Pricing Options

Every Plan Includes:

Unlimited Contacts

Real-time Analytics

Contact Number

Unlimited Keywords

Roll Over Credits

Online Management

500 messages

Per Month

1,000 Messages

Per Month

2,000 Messages

Per Month

3,000 Messages

Per Month

7,500 Messages

Per Month

10k Messages

Per Month

15k Messages

Per Month

25k Messages

Per Month

50k Messages

Per Month

More than 50k Messages

Per Month

TextConnect FAQs

Send SMS & MMS (texts or media files such as images & gifs). Both costs 1 credit.

Keep Credits You Don’t Use – Any remaining credits rollover to the next month.

Start for Free – Get started with complimentary 1000 credits. No contracts or commitment!

Get started with a number that capable of texting a large groups and having 2-way conversations. It’s on us!

We offer :

  • Toll Free
  • Local Number – Use a number with your area code to connect 1 on 1 with customers and to provide customer service.
  • Bring Your own Number – We can text enable your current landline or VoIP number. You’ll still be able to receive calls.

How Do Credits Work?

1 Credit = 1 Sent Message

Start for Free – Get started with complimentary 1000 credits. No contracts or commitment!

Upload Your Contact List

TextConnect is easy to use and can import/export contact list while storing them on an encrypted platform

Can I keep my current number?

Certainly. Our team can help you set up your current number for use with TextConnect.


We can connect you with a VoIP number using our VoiceConnect Service

Create Groups

Textconnect allows you to segment your sudiences for more targeted messaging

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